The Garden Experience: Cultivating a Workplace Rich in DEI

A 6-module online course that will help you understand DEI in an entirely new way, learn how to effectively advance a stronger, more engaged, and productive workforce using DEI as a strategic lever, and actively remove impediments that are currently compromising the growth of your DEI efforts.

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Here's What You'll Get:

  • Module One: Tending the Garden
  • ​Module Two: Exploring the Garden Ecosystem
  • ​Module Three: DEI Systems Thinking
  • ​Module Four: An Equitable Garden
  • ​Module Five: Your Future State 
  • ​Module Six: Stepping Stones to the Future and Smart Goals​
  • ​Bonus:  Harper Slade 40 Day DEI Resource Guide
  • ​PLUS Access to The Garden Experience Community
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